Kolkata Gynecological Oncology Trials & Translational Research Group

Established in 2018, Kolkata Gynecological Oncology Trials and Translational Research Group (KolGOTrg) is dedicated to improving quality and duration of life for women with gynecological cancers in Eastern India, through creation of focused research platforms involving scientists and clinicians across the region.

Our Mission

KolGOTrg is motivated and driven by the purpose of
promoting excellence in the quality and integrity of clinical and translational scientific research in the field of
gynecologic cancers to provide better alternative

Our Vision

To translate the vision into reality, KolGOTrg and its team of best healthcare professionals and scientific researchers are focused on creating a platform transcending, geographical and other barriers.


Some of our recent highlighted events and features


Meet this Newcastle University Scientist who donated her royalty

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News and Events

UPCOMING: KolGOTrg 5th annual meeting 2023
NEW: Charter champion

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Sarbojaya Launch

Sarbojaya is a survivor group dedicated to empowering women’s cancer survivors in India.

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Since 2018 we have been involved in various clinical and educational activities.

Academic Collaboration

Find out about our recent ongoing trials and also about our past trials .

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Our Gallery

View various pictures of our ongoing activities, our participations in various conferences and much more.

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