KolGo PROVAR 001 - HIPEC in Homologous Recombination Stratified Ovarian Cancer(HR-HIPEC) PDF Download
KolGo PROVAR 002- Intermittent PARP Inhibitor in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer (IPIROC) PDF Download
KolGo PROVAR 003- Hormone Therapy in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer(HOTROC) PDF Download
KolGo PROVAR 004- NUrse GENetic counsellor led community health campaign on Awareness of hereditary women’s cancer in India (NuGenA) PDF Download
KolGo PROVAR 005- BRCAness In Breast and Ovarian Cancer- Impact of Diverse Arsenic Exposure in India in causaTion and PrevenTion strategY(BIODIVARSITY) PDF Download
Restrictive or individualized Goal directed fluid replacemnet strategy in Ovarian cancer cytoreductive surgery- a prospective randomised control trial PDF Download
HEPTROC (Health economic evaluation of primary treatment for ovarian cancer) PDF Download