Dona Chakraborty: CNS and Research Administrator

Dona is responsible for the trial coordination of the ovarian cancer studies SOCQER-INDIA, HIPEC-HR, IPIROC and NuGenA.

Her area of expertise includes: Genetic counselling and testing, patient recruitment and follow up of trials, quality of life assessment, administration and management of research activities, assisting in grant applications and creation and monitoring of the REDCap database. She is one of the key leads in formation and management of the Patient and Public Involvement Group.


Raja Chakraborty: Administrative Officer

Raja is responsible for administration of KolGOTrg. He maintains daily accounts and all forms of financial activities of the group. He also acts as an HR Manager for the KolGOTrg research team.



Papiya Mukherjee: Research Nurse

Papiya has been involved in follow up of ovarian cancer quality of life evaluation for the SOCQER-IND study. Her area of expertise involves biobanking of samples, collection of ovarian cancer and health economic data.


Daity Bhattacharjee: Statistician and Data Manager

Daity is responsible for documentation and data management for all
research projects including designing and management of electronic
databases such as REDCap. She is also involved in statistical analysis
and reporting for all projects.

Tanushri Ghosh: Research Fellow and Study Coordinator

Tanushri has been involved in the translational research and bio banking process in ovarian cancer study. She is also involved in other duties like informed patient consent processing, coordinating the projects in different study sites, subject recruitment, ensuring the protection of human subjects, adverse event supervision, study records maintaining as necessary and study close-out.

Sonali is responsible for office maintenance and handling.

Sonali is responsible for office maintenance and handling. She is also the MDT Co-ordinator and conducts all trial and non-trial meetings and appointments of patients.