KolGOTrg is a research group dedicated to improving the quality of research in women’s cancers in Eastern India through creation of collaborative and focused platforms involving scientists and clinicians across the region and focusing on research areas which are relevant to the needs of women in low middle income countries (LMICs). It is the first research group from India to become a member group of GCIG (Gynecologic Cancer InterGroup).

The major domains of research include:

a. Clinical trials

Goals of these trials are (i) to determine the effectiveness of a treatment relative to the best current standard of care, or (ii) to assess whether a new treatment is as effective as the standard, but associated with less toxicity, cost or better quality of life. View More for Clinical Studies


b.Observational and Screening Studies

The key focus areas include economic studies, epidemiological studies, surgical sciences and evaluation, and cancer prevention and screening studies. View more for observational and screening studies and View more for surgical sciences studies


The lab to clinic field is a huge leap consisting of collaborative research between dedicated clinicians, clinician scientists, translational scientists and basic scientists creating a bridging link. We pride on having a large network of basic, clinical and translational research institutes.  View More for translational studies