NuGenA : Nurse led Genetic counselling in improving Awareness and implementation of screening services for hereditary women’s cancer

Nurses after adequate training can be an excellent link to motivate patient-public initiatives and develop community-based awareness, increasing uptake of genetic counselling, testing and risk reduction strategies. The aim of the study is to screen women with ovarian or breast cancer for BRCA genetic testing. Through an organized Patient-public initiative (PPI), these patients/relatives will work alongside the Genetic clinic team in setting up awareness camps for women’s health and cancer prevention locally in collaboration with community health clinics/participation of local nurses/health workers. At risk family members will be identified during the health camps and offered screening for genetic testing. Contact will be established via telemedicine and follow up clinics, which will assess the problems of the community and preventive options will be discussed.

PRECERCA- Prevention of Cervical cancer

In WHO’s global strategy for elimination of cervical cancer- endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 2020, there is a call for regular screening for 70% of women with a high-performance test and for 90% of those needing it to receive appropriate treatment. In developed countries with effective traditional cytology-based cervical cancer screening and treatment programmes, the mortality from cervical cancer has been reduced fivefold over the past 50 years. However, access to cervical cancer screening remains a major problem in rural areas and amongst working women, especially among the Tea Garden Workers who have lack of awareness as well as lack of time due to their busy work schedule. The overall lack of systematic screening results in women living in these areas from being devoid of early detection of cervical cancer. PRECERCA proposes a screen and treat strategy, on the same day using HPV DNA testing by gene Xpert technology which has been successful in some other settings too and is being increasingly used in several projects globally.