Shuvojit Moulik: Scientific Officer and Research Administrator(Scientific)

Shuvojit works with primary focus on clinico-translational studies. His area of expertise is in Gynecological Cancers with special emphasis on cell signaling pathways ,mutations and receptor biology. His technical expertise focuses on various proteomics and protein-protein interaction techniques with further specialisation in Fluorescence Microscopy, Confocal imaging methods and subsequent functional assays. He is efficient with primary and secondary cell lines, mice models and clinical specimens.

Aparajita Bhattacharya, Medical Social Worker

Aparajita is responsible for the trial coordination of the ovarian cancer study HEPTROC Her area of expertise includes bereavement counseling and survivorship. She maintains telephonic liaison with patients and organizing funding support for needy patients, REDCap data entry and coordinated data collection and analysis. She is one of the key lead, in patient selecting and coordinating for the Patient and Public Involvement Group.


Manisha Karar: Data Manager and MDT Coordinator

Manisha is responsible for clinical Data management and Data analysis of Ovarian cancer Studies.
Her area of expertise involves collection of pre and post-operative data from patients, collection, and maintenance of all ovarian cancer data and analysis of the same using SPSS software. She is also involved in coordination, management and data collection of the MDT Meetings.

Ajit Mukhopadhyay: Senior data manager

Ajit has been involved in REDCap database designing, and database management of all the clinical trials. His area of expertise involves training of the members regarding creation, modification, locking and calculation from the database.

Twinkle Sinha: Clinical Trial Coordinator

Twinkle is involved in essential duties such as conducting the informed consent process and ensuring compliance with the protocol, subject recruitment, patient care, ensuring the protection of human subjects, adverse event reporting, preparing the case report forms (CRF), submitting CRFs and other data to the Sponsor as necessary and study close-out.
She also helps in preparation of the Institutional Review Board submission, writing the informed consent document, working with the institutional official in contract negotiations, developing a detailed cost analysis and so on.

Mou Dasgupta: Program Manager

She is responsible for coordinating all trials for KolGO Trg CTU including all studies under the banner of GCIG. Her area of expertise involves trial coordination, monitoring and works as a representative in the Harmonisation Ops committee of GCIG.


Supriya Mondal: Honorary Research Nurse and Clinical Nurse Specialist

Supriya has been involved in monitoring, training and education of the research nurses through KolGOTrg. She is the co-lead of the SOCQER-IND study and helps in Quality of Life follow-ups of patients through virtual telemedicine service of KolGOTrg.

Dr. Sayantani Karmakar: Honorary Research Associate

Sayantani has been involved in basic and translational research in ovarian cancer studies..