KolgoTrg has a semi-automated biobank process with all the required components of bio-repository.

Samples from ovarian cancer patients are collected from OT/OPD of the hospital. The samples include ascites, tissue and blood. The samples were then processed and stored in the biobank following strict protocols according to the need of the researchers and their respective projects.

Blood sample processing:

10 ml of blood samples from patients were collected in EDTA vacutainer tubes and aliquoted separately into plasma and whole blood. The aliquots were made according to the study design.

The aliquots were then cryo-preserved -80°C freezer.

Tissue processing:

Ovarian tissue samples were cut into multiple sections RNALater overnight at 4°C allowing the RNAlater to penetrate properly within the tissues in order to maintain the RNA integrity. Next day, the RNAlater was removed and the tissue were appropriately stored in cryo storages at -80°C freezer. Aliquots were made according to the study protocol.

For primary culture from tissues, the tissue samples were collected in specific culture media supplemented with antibiotic and FBS and culturing was done using mechanical shearing process. The primary cultures are used for studying mechanism of different repair pathways using PARP inhibitors.